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Emotional Intelligence – The Secret of a Successful Entrepreneur

Business Ideas

Why Emotional Intelligence is more important to an entrepreneur’s success than their IQ. Plus five ways to improve your E.I.

eMail Management as a Home Based Business

eMail Management as a Buisiness

Are you looking for a home based business with the scale-ability to grow into a big earner. Look no further – eMail management can be started on a shoe string and grow to become a big money earner. Find out how.

Small Business Accounting -Startup and Beyond

small business accounting

Choosing Your First Accounting System – Conventional Software or Cloud Accounting, which way is best? Watch out for the service & support charges.

8 Lies you may have to tell about your Small Business

Small Business Lies

The Top Seven Lies told by Small Businesses. Are Small Businesses and Internet organisations prone to Exaggerate ? I take a look at some common claims that could drop a Small Business Right In It !

Redundant – Your Road to Recovery


Here’s some much needed help on how to get back on your feet after becoming redundant.

Check out what you can do to get earning again.

Working from Home evrything you want to know in one Picture

working from home extract

Thinking of working from home – get all the information in one easy to understand image.

Which Business Network is Best…..F I I I GHT

small business networking

No two networking organisations are the same.

Before you part with hard earned cash and commit hours of your valuable time, make sure that you get it right.

6 Reasons Why Calls are Better than Clicks

business woman on phone

When you consider that telephone calls convert 10-12 times more than clicks, it’s no wonder that traffic and other traditional metrics are becoming increasingly irrelevant to marketers.

News Flash – Set Up and Grow changes to “Small Business Boss”

small business news

 News Announcement Check this out Set Up and Grow has changed  With free content and  new format it’s now – SMALL  BUSINESS BOSS Take a look at  

How to Avoid Bankruptcy – for Small Businesses


Ok! I’ll explain that heading soon. First of all – in 2014 the Bank of England said that over 50% of business start-ups fail within the first five years.

Many make it past the ” start-up” phase only to falter in trying to grow.

So it’s vital that you know how to stop your small business growth ending in bankruptcy.