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Experienced Businessman with a passion for Small Businesses and Start-ups


Having been a sole trader in the early days of two different businesses and later starting as a Small Business, I’ve  had plenty of experience of what those who go it alone really go through.


Why Change ” Small Business Boss”?


Having run this website as the “Small Business Boss”  Blog I could not ignore the number of people asking for help in finding a business idea that would work for them.


I want to help


I know how difficult it is to find a business idea that will both suit you personally and that you can afford to finance.

So I decided to change the direction of the site.

I will still include the general small business advice on occasions.

But I will now be bringing business ideas to the regular posts.



A New Business Idea Every Month


I will be bringing a new idea plus tips on how to get started, find customers , technical aspects and market analysis.

This means that the slog of  to finding something the right business for you is all done for you.

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As a Sole Trader or owner you will have one huge advantage over the big boys. OK they have the staff and access to the finance to outdo you in many areas but you have speed.

And that’s not to mention control of your work/life balance.

You can make changes overnight that a large business would take months to agree on, let alone implement.


You are as fast as a Grey hound, just like my Jake in the picture, you could even be a bit faster.

Jake decided to end his running career,before it had begun. As soon as the trap-gates opened for the first time he refused to go.

However he’s had a great life ever since and can still go like lightening. But only when it suits him.

Whatever you, do don’t lose your edge. Maximise  it, take advantage of it and use it.

Put your energy into your own business.

about usOur Background


In the 20 years that I have had my own business I spent a lot of time traveling round, networking to promote my business and listening to the needs of those who contacted me I came to a conclusion.

Ideas don’t grow on trees.

We are all fed the idea that businesses are started by people with divine inspiration.

This simply not so.

Most successful small businesses take an existing idea and improve on it.


You could spend all your time trying to think of ideas but that’s a waste of your creative energy.


I will be providing ideas and simplifying all the information to make your decision so much simpler.


I look forward to sharing these ideas.



“Some problems are so complex that you have to be highly intelligent and well
informed just to be undecided about them.”
Laurence J. Peter


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