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15 Ways to Avoid Paying Tax for your Small Business

avoid tax

Tax evasion is illegal - but tax avoidance is not. Here are 15 ways to avoid your business paying tax, this year and every year. Legal and ethical techniques to reduce Tax and NI bills.

Factoring or Invoice Discounting: are they Right for You?

factoring small business

Factoring or Invoice Discounting what exactly is the diffence? What could it do for you and can you afford it? All the facts that you need to make the decission.

Business Documents: How Safe is your Companies Future ?

small business paper

Business Documents - How safe is your companies future. Could you carry on without them and would the autorities let you?

VAT Changes and VATMOSS Cripple Small Businesses

small business vat

Jan 1st 2015 - VAT changes will devastate the Digital Product marketplace in Europe -what can you do? Almost unnoticed by many these hard hitting changes will hit Sole Traders, startups, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

Sole Trader and Self Employed Tax Calculator- Free

Self employed tax calculator

Get a Free Self Employed Tax Calculator with advice on managing your tax returns as a Sole Trader. Plus more free Spreadsheets and links.

Evernote Part 1- What is Evernote


Part 1 of a short series on using Evernote to save time and increase profits for small businesses and self employed workers. A simple free way to get organised.

Business Credit Cards for Startups

pound sign

Business Startup - the first thing you must do even before you start trading. Failure to do this first can have serious consequences later.

Business Location – the Number One Consideration

Business location

Small Businesses can prosper or die by the choice of their location. Make sure that, whether you are established or a start-up, you are in the best place you can be. Even if it is a virtual presence.

Business Glossary for 2015

sole trader etc

A Glossary of new and up & coming Business terms. Don't be in the dark - know what they mean even have a company quiz.

4Networking – Does it Do the Business

business networking

4Networking are a force to be reckoned with in the Business Network arena but does their method bring their members new business.