Watch out there’s a Thief About – and it’s HMRC

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Who said ” tax doesn’t have to be taxing”tax dodges

Not content with forcing Small Businesses to take on the added difficulties of the real-time tax initiative ( or lack thereof ) and the prospect of a considerable increase in the minimum wage funded entirely by the small business owner they have another little earner.

You pay  them to fix problems that they created

Now there is a lesson in here for all of us. This is something we could all add to our business model and here’s hoe it goes.

HMRC force me to do returns by a set date using their software called the “Basic PAYE Tools” then they break it by introducing an upgrade.

They didn’t tell me about it or that  I could not submit anything until I downloaded and installed the new version. When I tried to do my tax I couldn’t so I called the number ( via a land line ) recommended by them.

Little did I know that I was being charged for this.

Expensive wait

On my first attempt I waited 18 minutes but had to hang up to attend to something in the office. I was repeatedly assured that they were sorry that I was in a queue, but they were not as sorry as I was.

My next attempt took a wait of 35 minutes and by the time they insisted on talking me through the installation of the new software the total time came to 43min.

Then some weeks after I received the phone bill and I had been charged £2.30 for the first call and £ 4.36 for the second. Oh yes they were both Plus VAT.

Avoid HMRC help lines at all costs.

Now I’m no accountant but I think that charging me to wait because they can’t answer their phones in a reasonable time is Robbery and it’s carried out under the threat of late submission penalties.

My point in writing this little article is twofold. Firstly I want everyone to be aware that these charges are in place and unavoidable.

Secondly I feel a whole lot better now that I’ve got that off my chest.

If any representative of HMRC would like to reply to this article please call my special help line number.

We do apologise that all our operators are busy but we will speak to you just as soon as you’ve run up a bill. While you are waiting here is a recording of a till ringing up cash.

Seriously though – thanks for joining me in my little rant – I would really like to read any comments that you may have or similar experiences.


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